Behavioral Marketing

Everyone you pass in the street is actively pursuing something.

The goal is not to just find those in your market who could buy, but to find the 3% who are ready to buy.

Those implementing a strategy to find the 3% are the leaders in their industry.

Yes Prospects

Actively seeking those who are in high probably of saying yes is the big priority.

The key is in identifying those who are close to making a purchase and then educating them about their solution.

Through the utilization of behavioral technology, it’s possible to uncover who is actively seeking a solution to their problem online.

No more advertising to the haystack to find the needle. 

Data Marketing

Imagine being able to advertise to those who are actively seeking what you have to offer.

People-based marketing integrated with behavioral technology has the ability to recognize and run ads for those who are actively searching out a solution online.


There are sensors that detect online behavioral information.

The behaviors that are collected enables detection of pattern behavior of previous buyers.

When these sensors are connected to a network, that network allows you to transmit that data and create a system that can learn from the data.

By feeding the chronological behavior that leads to a purchase in the algorithm, it’s possible to predict who is actively seeking a solution in market through pattern recognition and analyzation.

Being First

You will not be able to serve those in need of your expertise if you are advertising to everybody.

Only advertise to those who are ready to make a purchase.

If not, your competitors will get to them first and frame the perspective as to how the customer sees the problem and the solution.

If you don’t have a system that can tell you when these people are coming into the marketplace to buy, that are actively pursuing the outcome that you sell, your competitor is going to define what the value is.

As a result, your competitor will set the buying criteria for that prospect and take that sale away from you. 

Customer Behavior

Most of your sales start online in some form of research.

The behaviors that lead to a purchase is content consumption and solution research.

This can be anything from looking into industry expert reviews, client reviews, company analysis, keyword research, and URL level navigation.

At the precise moment that a prospect is ready to purchase, you need to be there.

Being first helps you set the buying criteria and define the value.

Prospect Relationship

It’s not only about being first when someone is looking for a solution.

People forget, especially when it comes to advertising. They cannot act on what they forget.

People who are active internet users see hundreds of ads a week. How many can they really recall?

If they can’t remember you when they are ready to buy, they can’t buy from from you. 

Those actively searching for solutions to their problem need to have an ongoing relationship with you through your content and relevant ads.

When the time is right, you meet them where they are during the research phase and build a relationship by constantly educating and putting messages out in front of them.


Good ads are educational value propositions.

Use these ads to stay connected.

It’s as simple as stating the value proposition and supporting the value proposition.

Converting Principles

Develop trust and build a relationship before you sell.

Trust in the proven principles that convert.

Using this technology to carry out these converting principles creates value for prospects.

When it comes down to it, it’s about solving people’s problems through communication, education, and building trust. Behavioral technology accelerates and facilities that process.

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